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DevOps’ish 189

I was incredibly busy this week. I spoke at the October 2020 CNCF Eastern Canadian Meetup. I turned the introduction to last week’s newsletter into its own blog post, Fear and Loathing in YAML, and it made the front page of the orange site (you read it here first). And then, of course, all the live streaming for Red Hat. Speaking of live streaming. When we look back at 2020, it seems like live streaming will be the thing the COVID-19 brought into our daily lives. Read more →

DevOps’ish 181: Heptio people abandoning VMWare’s ship, DevOps titles, Camille Fournier on management, plain text email is no longer a good development tool, GitOps, and more

Welcome! It would appear the clock has run out for all the Heptio folks to get their payouts from the VMware acquisition. A few Kubernetes contributors are jumping ship from VMware. Four in a little over a week is nothing short of a sign, though. These aren’t the kinds of folks who like to hang out in big corporate orgs and feel like cogs in the machine. They want to feel like they’re making an impact and see the value in their work. Read more →

Is your organization a learning organization?

043: Sleep, DevOps, Microsoft, Kubernetes, and More!

Is your organization a learning organization? Do you, your team, your leadership, and your company learn from mistakes? Do you share knowledge and lessons learned as widely as humanly possible? These are all question you should be asking yourself along your journey. If your maintenance windows are no holds bar with no rollback plan, that’s a problem. If you are not doing something to share new technologies with your team on a regular basis you’re going to have a bad time. Read more →

Hard at Work

016: Week of 1490500800

Last Sunday, shortly after DevOps’ish Weekly 015 went out, Nicole Forsgren of DORA reached out on Twitter to demonstrate how easy it is to find great people in DevOps. This is Nicole’s list of great folks out there DevOps’ing: Alexa Alley Alice Goldfuss Amy Nguyen Amye Scavarda Aruna Ravichandran Ashley McNamara Betsy Beyer Bridget Kromhout Caitie McCaffrey Camille Fournier Cat Posey Charity Majors Courtney Kissler Courtney Nash Dinah McNutt Dominica DeGrandis Heather Mickman Heidi Waterhouse Ines Hegedus-Garcia Ines Sombra Jennifer Davis Jessica DeVita Jessica Hilt Jessie Frazelle Katherine Daniels Laine Campbell Lara Hogan Lisa Phillips Mandi Walls Megan Anctil Nell Shamrell Pamela Howell Phoenix Johnson Rikki Endsley Susan Fowler Rigetti Tuuli Bell Zee Alexander unpixie If Nicole Forsgren can bust out 38 awesome people DevOps’ing surely you can come up with ten. Read more →

Photo Courtesy WOCinTech Chat

DevOps’ish 007: Week of 1485061200

What a busy week in the land of DevOps! It seems like everyone has shaken off the holidays and snow days. So without further adieu let’s get to it! Department of Choice Concepts Breanne Boland has a great piece on lessons learned during her first year as a software engineer. “Timing is everything” as always but her point on curiosity is spot on. The Cloudcast had a fantastic episode titled, “Balancing Monolithic Apps and Microservices”. Read more →

Snowy Street

005: Week of 1483851600

Oh the weather outside is frightful, But the DevOps is so delightful, And since we’ve no place to go, Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! This song has been in my head all day as the US east coast has been coated in a blanket of frozen participation. We have not taken down our interior Christmas decorations yet either so that might be part of it too. Read more →