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042: Build vs. Buy, AWS Per-Second Billing, Hashicorp, Red Hat’s Patent Promise and More

Build versus Buy? It’s a question I usually asks candidates during interviews. There is really only one good answer; buy until you can build it better for cheaper. This doesn’t mean outsource everything. This doesn’t mean you won’t be hacking together cool things. It means that you have the business sense to know that you have core competencies that are either still forming, your team is small, or you have enough to manage in-house already. Read more →

There is no such thing as a completed DevOps transition.

027: Week of 1497153600

Quite the week in the greater world of technology. Apple had an event and folks had a meltdown about their new show. GitHub had a rough week, Uber sunk to new lows, and Intel has fired a massive warning shot at the future of computing. A lot of DevOps happened too. Let’s break it all down. Full Stack Fest 2017: Problems of today, wonders from the future. Barcelona, 4–8 Sept. Read more →