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071: Susan Fowler, Open Offices, Tech Debt, Cloud Native Serverless, Kubernetes, and More

I am trying to figure out how best to describe my week. Maybe “frustrating”? There isn’t a much better word than that. When you have working code in one environment but not another because of backwardly applied security tooling, frustrated is all you can be. This isn’t some purposeful, subtle change to the environment. This is 1990s tech masquerading as security kabuki. And this code wasn’t rocket science, it was a unit test framework. Read more →

Merry Christmas!

055: Rough Week, DevOps Culture, Kubernetes, and More!

I’m going to keep the monologue pretty short this week. I have some lightly scoped out ideas to share in 2018 though so don’t worry, lots more to come. It has been a rough week in the Short household and I’m mentally spent. But, there was a ton DevOps, Cloud Native, and open source of news this week. I hope you had a Happy Hanukkah or Happy Festivus and I wish all of you a Merry Christmas. Read more →

Enjoy your Easter!

019: Week of 1492315200

Happy Easter! Hope you are enjoying your DevOps‘ing selves. I have family in from the northern reaches of the US. Trying to optimize time this week so no “monologue”; let’s get it! Department of Refreshment and Refurbishment Ex-Facebook engineers launch Honeycomb, a new tool for your debugging nightmares: Friend of DevOps’ish, Charity Majors, and her fellow team members have officially launched is an impressive product. I ingested a week’s worth of nginx logs in seconds and had a beautiful dashboard up in running in as much time as it took to write this sentence. Read more →

Hard at Work

016: Week of 1490500800

Last Sunday, shortly after DevOps’ish Weekly 015 went out, Nicole Forsgren of DORA reached out on Twitter to demonstrate how easy it is to find great people in DevOps. This is Nicole’s list of great folks out there DevOps’ing: Alexa Alley Alice Goldfuss Amy Nguyen Amye Scavarda Aruna Ravichandran Ashley McNamara Betsy Beyer Bridget Kromhout Caitie McCaffrey Camille Fournier Cat Posey Charity Majors Courtney Kissler Courtney Nash Dinah McNutt Dominica DeGrandis Heather Mickman Heidi Waterhouse Ines Hegedus-Garcia Ines Sombra Jennifer Davis Jessica DeVita Jessica Hilt Jessie Frazelle Katherine Daniels Laine Campbell Lara Hogan Lisa Phillips Mandi Walls Megan Anctil Nell Shamrell Pamela Howell Phoenix Johnson Rikki Endsley Susan Fowler Rigetti Tuuli Bell Zee Alexander unpixie If Nicole Forsgren can bust out 38 awesome people DevOps’ing surely you can come up with ten. Read more →